90 – Day Bundled Payment Program

Introducing our Joint Replacement Bundle Program

We are pleased to introduce our Total Joint Bundle Program! “Bundle” programs have been created by insurance companies to simplify the patient experience by centralizing or “bundling” all elements of the surgery in one place- “bundling” them. This puts the surgeons/practice in control of the procedure, and greatly simplifies the patient experience. The surgeon can pick and choose the preferred avenues of treatment to improve and streamline patient care. From a patient’s point of view, the experience is much simpler, with only one bill for all of the surgical services, anesthesia, physical therapy, etc. There is much more communication between the patient and surgeon practice as they are in control of the process.

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5 Ways to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic Nerve pain refers to nerve pain that originates in the low back, or the lumbar region of the spine, and can cause pain to the hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes. It can begin just as low back pain, with occasional sciatic flares to the legs, or it can just be leg pain without any back pain at all. The best way to start treating the symptoms is early management at home.

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What You Need to Know When Going to the Orthopaedic Surgeon

I have been involved in orthopaedics for decades — in fact, pretty much all my life. I remember my orthopaedist as well as I remember my pediatrician. Showing up for being pigeon-toed, bow-legged, multiple injuries and eventually coming full circle and being allowed to work with him as a medical student.


Why Did My Orthopaedic Surgeon Order An MRI?

As an Orthopaedist (or Orthopaedic Surgeon), I can diagnose a lot of problems and injuries by listening carefully to your symptoms, how you got them and by doing a thorough examination. Other times things like X-rays and MRIs are necessary to be more thorough.

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Orthopaedic Problems During COVID-19: When to Get Immediate Care?

Unfortunately, during this time of social distancing, isolation, and watchful waiting, our orthopaedic problems will continue to bother us and new problems may arise.

Our local and national leaders have recommended that we avoid unnecessary social interactions, and this may make timely evaluation, management, and resolution of our aches and pains more difficult.

One question we are getting quite often is what conditions must be evaluated immediately by a surgeon right away, and what conditions can wait?

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How Should I Sleep After Hand Surgery?

The first and best way to stay comfortable after hand and wrist surgery is to fully understand the human body’s response to the surgery itself. Our cells, nerves, tendons, and muscles see and respond to surgical procedures in the same way they respond to an accident or injury.

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Office Workers and Wrist Pain: Relief is in Sight

Even though the picks, short-handled shovels, and sweltering heat of yesterday’s workplace have been replaced with monitors, keyboards, and air-conditioning, work-related aches and pains are very real and very common. Much like the manual laborer or factory line-worker, today’s office-bound employee faces their own unique set of hand and wrist maladies.

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The Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic is Pleased to Welcome Dr. Johnny T. Nelson to our Practice

It was a shoulder condition that ignited Dr. Nelson’s interest in orthopaedics.

While at the University of Dallas, he played starting flanker for the university’s rugby football club. This was when he developed problems with his shoulder that ultimately needed surgery. This gives him a unique perspective from the point of view of both doctor and patient. Continue reading “The Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic is Pleased to Welcome Dr. Johnny T. Nelson to our Practice”