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Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain

Are you seeking relief from shoulder, neck pain or back pain? The physicians at The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic are experts in diagnosing and treating pain of the neck, back and shoulders.  Let us help you feel better and get back to your life.

Every time you visit our Raleigh clinic, you will receive personal care from one of our Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons. Our neck, back and shoulder doctors are with you through every step of treatment, from examination and diagnosis to education and treatment. For more information about The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic or to schedule your appointment, please call our office at (919) 872-5296.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is second only to the knee in frequency of sports related injuries. Instability often develops following traumatic injuries or repetitive throwing motions – this instability can result in shoulder dislocations. Other sports related shoulder conditions include bicep tendon tears due to trauma or overuse, and shoulder separation due to a direct blow to the collarbone.

Shoulder joints are also subject to the wear and tear of aging, which may result in arthritis as well as rotator cuff tears.

Common Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries Include:

  • Pain
  • Weakness of the shoulder
  • Pain with reaching
  • Stiffness
  • Clicking and catching
  • Instability and slipping
  • Numbness
  • Grinding
  • Swelling
  • “Bumps”
  • Separations

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Neck Pain

The most common causes of neck pain are soft-tissue abnormalities such as whiplash or strains due to injury or prolonged wear and tear.

Neck problems may first become evident through shoulder pain. Pinched nerves in the neck, for instance, can cause symptoms all the way to the fingertips. The neck is also prone to arthritis just as other areas are, but neck arthritis can affect the spinal cord and cause additional problems.

Neck Symptoms May Include:

  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Diminished reflexes
  • Radiating pain
  • Trigger points

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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is pain that occurs in the lumbar spine.  Athletes are at greater risk of sustaining a lumber spine injury due to physical activity.  Strenuous sports activity puts stress on the back that can cause injury to even the finest and most fit athletes.  People who suffer from low back pain should seek medical advice.

The Symptoms of Low Back Pain Vary Depending on the Cause of the Pain, and Include:

  • Muscle spasms, cramping and stiffness
  • Leg pain, tingling, numbness or weakness
  • Pain and stiffness that gets worse over time and lasts longer than 3 to 6 months

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